Our EP…finally

We’re still alive and are finally launching our self-titled EP…on Dec 15th @ Blackwire.

Here’s the opening track:





By At Dark standards it’s been a busy few months….we finished our new EP, played in Melbourne with In Trenches and Robotosaurus, then with Night Hag at the Roxbury, then with Heirs at the Stag, and finally with THE OCEAN at the Annandale.

Not bad for a bunch of old dudes.

Next up will be the release of our EP… 10″ format. I’ll post details once everything is sorted!


Over the last month we recorded our new self-titled EP with Tim Carr at 301. It was great times…..and the fruit of our collective wombs can now be sampled here:


Twenty Twelve

So it’s definitely 2012 now so I should update this blog. Our WordPress stats say that up to three people visit here daily, so my apologies to those who have been waiting.

Our news for early 2012 is that we’re now booked in to record our next EP in April.  Tim Carr will be in control of the situation…..and this time we’re tracking and mixing the whole thing at 301 Studios Sydney. It’s looking like a 6 track release, with no doubt some slightly country guitar intro thing. All going to plan it will be out by mid-May.

Hopefully this gets posted on our facebook or something so someone actually reads it.

Final 2011 show….for real this time

Sorry we dropped the blog-ball a bit recently. Anyway to recap, a few weeks back we played a fun show with Totally Unicorn, Safe Hands and Laserface. It was a great night and was to be our last show for 2011, so we can “focus on writing our new EP” or something like that.

But now…..We Lost the Sea had to pull out of the Sydney album launch for our mates Lo! So we courageously offered to fill in. Should be an awesome night to launch an awesome album… and a sweet end to 2011 for the darkies.

21st October – Hermanns Bar, Sydney
w/Lo!, The Matador and Adrift for Days


So our little trip to QLD with our brothers Lo! was really REALLY good times. The shows were fun, everyone was really supportive and we played with some great bands. We also partied a little….

Next up our friends THE FEVERED are doing an east coast tour, so we’re on board for both their Sydney shows:

1st September
Hot Damn, Sydney
w/ Abandon All hope, Safe Hands and At Dark
Doors at 8 – $12/15

2nd September
Black Wire Records, Sydney
w/ Lo!, At Dark and Safe Hands
Doors at 8 – $10


QLD Mini Tour

We’re heading north in late July with our friends Lo! We’ll be playing with some sweet bands up there and maybe partying a little….8 dudes in a van, yep.